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Spanish Horses For Sale Top Rated

In Yeguada Dimoba we breed, select and have Horses for Sale of the best Spanish Purebred horses, which guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

We have horses and ridden mares, ideal for Dressage and for horse lovers looking for a beautiful, functional and noble horse.

PRE Horses are, within the horse races that are on the market, the easiest horses to handle and certainly one of the most beautiful horses in the world.

On the internet you can find many advertisements of horses for sale, of different breed of horses and of all ages.

Andalusian Professional Breeders

We recommend buying horses with the guarantee of a profesional horse breeder, since breeders know perfectly the horses we breed and can advise the client on the horse that best suits their needs.

The sale of horses between individuals is very common. It is recommended that even if it is a private sale, see what the origins of the horse or mare are and contact the breeder to know what their qualities are.

We receive calls and emails from customers requesting information about horses that we have sold years ago and we are happy to tell you what their origins and qualities are.

Horses for Sale in Andalucía

Andalusia is where most of the Spanish Purebred horses in Spain are concentrated and a good part of the clients of the Center of Europe, France, Germany, Holland, England and Italy, go to cities of Andalusia looking for Spanish horses.

In some areas of Europe even the Spanish horse is called Andalusian Horse.

In Andalusia there are a lot of Pure Spanish Breeders that offer high quality Spanish horses.

Horse Sales Pages offer ridden horses, breeding mares and foals of Pura Raza Española throughout Andalusia.

Ridden Adult Horses: We have Spanish purebred horses ridden for sale with experience and level in Dressage.

PRE Ridden Mares: One of the characteristics of our stud is that we ride all the mares, so we have Spanish Purebred mares for sale that are perfectly ridden.

We recommend ridden mares because they are very easy to handle, noble and with excellent physical appearance.

In some equestrian centers in Central Europe it is difficult to find a site for whole stallions, since in many of them they are not accepted. The ridden mares do not present any difficulties.

Breeding Mares Ridding

Breeding Mares: For clients that are starting in the world of the breeding of Purebred Spanish Horses, we have pregnant mares, of which we have products that can be seen, so they are contrasted.

Several farms that are currently engaged in the breeding and sale of PRE horses have started their stud with our mares and are already positioning themselves in the market with high quality animals.

Yearling and Weaned Foals: Buying a Spanish colt or filly may seem somewhat risky, since you really don’t know what it will be with three years and you have to breed it during this time.

On the other hand, it is the cheapest way to acquire a good Horse or Purebred Spanish Mare, since the price of buying it at weaning to buy it already assembled varies greatly.

In the cases in which they are stallions and mares already contrasted, in which you can see products from previous years the risk is much lower, and the quality / price result is certainly very good.

The Breeding and Sale of Andalusians Horses in Almeria may seem inadequate due to the shortage of water and natural resources to feed them.

But far from being so, Almeria has the most appropriate natural resource for horse breeding, the Sun.

Almeria is the city of Europe with more hours of Sun per year and with the warmest temperature in Europe.

The Sun is a natural vitamin that causes horses to develop with greater strength and vitality and that directly affects their character and temperament.

This may seem somewhat subjective but we have checked it directly. We have supplied a vitamin to a foal that is in an outdoor paddock enjoying the sun and another that is in a box and shaded area.

The result is more than evident, the sun’s vitamins enhance the vitamin supplied.

Professional Transport from Spain

We have agreements with several international carriers to facilitate the transport of horses to our customers, easily organizing all administrative procedures to ensure an economical, fast and safe trip.

The transport of horses from Spain to the rest of Europe requires a series of administrative procedures that we deal with in its entirety.

In addition to organizing with the carrier the load of the horses and necessary stops.

The horses are sent with transport protections to avoid that they can get hurt on the road and enough food is sent for the trip and to mix the first days with the feed that is going to be taken in their new stable.

Andalusians with veterinary certificate

The horses undergo a veterinary pre-purchase exam to ensure that they are in the best health conditions, certified by a registered veterinarian in an official document.

We recommend that in any purchase sale of horses this pre-purchase veterinary examination is carried out, which includes X-ray plates and that once analyzed by the veterinarian guarantees the health of the horse.

Horses for Sale Prices

The prices of horses depend on each type of horse, its origins and its level of preparation or dressage.

The horses of more value and that have a higher price are the horses already ridden with dressage level and the stallions of pure Spanish race contrasted. This type of horse is more focused on farmers and dressage professionals.

An intermediate level are young horses and newly ridden mares, these are young horses and mares that have been rarely ridden and are newly ridden. They are a good option because they have an intermediate price and can begin to work with them.

The cheapest way to buy Andalusian PRE Breed

The cheapest Spanish purebred horses or those that have a lower price are the weaning foals and yearlings. They are foals that still have between two and two and a half years to start working with them.

In this section of our website you can find all our horses, mares and foals for sale, if you are interested in any of them you just have to write or call us and we will give you all the information about prices.

All our horses are registered in the Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE) Stud Book

Horses for Sale