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Andalusian Dressage Horses

The Andalusian Dressage Horses, PRE Horses of Pure Spanish Breed are the basis of our work.

Looking for the Spanish horse as it is understood from its origins, a beautiful, functional and noble horse that covers sporting and recreational expectations.

Andalusian Horses are a symbol of our country that make thousands of people enjoy this beautiful animal all over the world.

In Yeguada Dimoba we have Andalusian Horses from Yeguada Escalera and Ventura Camacho blood lines, combining the best of each genealogical line.

Andalusian Horse for Sale in Spain Best Bloodlines

We have been breeding horses for more than 30 years.

Selecting nobility and movements bloodlines, so we have achieved a balanced type of horse with the ability to learn and want to work.

For the sale of our horses we regularly make videos and photos that we publish on this website so that our customers are up to date with the evolution of horses and new births.

When buying an Andalusian Horse, we recommend that our clients come to try them at our stud farm, where our staff compares them and shows them their level of dressage.

Andalusian Horse Photos

The photos of our horses are published daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where our followers can see their evolution and make comments that always help us improve.

Customers interested in buying our horses receive photos every time they are updated.

Most Beautiful Horse in The World

In each horse page of our website you can find recent photos and videos of each horse.

As well as its genealogy and genetic study of the layer, especially useful for breeders who are looking for a particular horse type.

The videos show their movements in the three airs, Step, Trot and Gallop, which allows you to get an idea of ​​the quality of each horse.

In our video channels of  Youtube and Vimeo you can watch videos of all our horses, some since they are young foals until they are ridden or driving.

PRE Andalusian Dressage Horses for Sale

The breeding of horses in our case goes from the choice of the appropriate mare and stallion, to the work with the foals and dressage.

The choice of the correct stallion for each mare is fundamental, since it determines the line we are going to follow.

At the birth of the foals we perform the imprinting, which helps our horses to be easier to touch, bruise and handle when they are adults.

Your first relationship with people in their first hours of life are fundamental and we try to take advantage of them to create a good base.

Later we try that the foals are in liberating along with others of their same age, so that they take advantage of the vitamins that the sun gives them in our farm and they can run in freedom.

After 3 years we pick them up to start working with them.

Pure Spanish Horse

The denomination of our horse is Purebred Spanish Horse or Andalusian Horse, although there are those who call it Pure Spanish Blood.

In this case it is more a description than a denomination.

Andalusian Dressage Horses