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Semental PRE Capa Negra
Date of birth;
Preparing Cup ANCCE - Dressage
Semental PRE Calificado
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Dressage - Level St. George
Caballo PRE Bayo - Buckskin Andalusian Stallion
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Ride - Dressage

Andalusians Coverings for Sale

In Yeguada Dimoba we have stallions for coverings of andalusian mares.

Our stallions are contrasted and of all of them there have colts available so you can see their results.

Coverings can be done by natural riding or with semen delivery.

Stallions for Covering in Yeguada Dimoba

We have grey, budskin and black stallions of the best genealogical lines.

Our PRE horses are registered in ANCCE, National Association of Horse Breeders of Pure Spanish Horses.

Covering PRE Stallions Great Bloodlines

The stallions we have available cover naturally as well as by semen extraction.

We tend to cover our mares naturally and the requests we receive from other farmers and hobbyists who want to cover their mares with our horses are served by sending semen through urgent messaging.

The semen is transported in a refrigerated container to reach its destination in optimal conditions.

Before entering it in the box, it is examined to confirm that it is sent in good condition.

PRE Stallions to Mares Covering

Andalusian stallions or covering horses are selected for their ability to convey the best of their character, morphology and functionality.

Not all whole horses have this capacity and the selected ones, in addition to being suitable as breeders in which they are contrasted, with offspring that guarantee their worth as a stallion

Covering Certificate

All the coverings we carry out have a Covering Certificate, which proves that the stallion with which it has been covered is registered in ANCCE.

The covering certificate also applies to prove the origin of the colt or filly once born and able his register.

PRE Qualified Horses for Coverings

Qualified horses are a guarantee for covering a mare, they have passed a Court of Qualified Reproducers who value the stallion and consider that is especially appropriate for breeding.

The Courts of Qualification of Purebred Spanish Horses are very strict, so only a few horses have this qualification.

We have a Qualified Stallion of excellent quality, Tenaz, from him we have excellent foals.

Covering with PRE Stallions

We recommend covering Spanish purebred mares with proven stallions, if possible that they have good results in morphological contests and that colts and fillys can be seen to check their nobility, attitude, morphology and movements.

The advantage of PRE for coverings is the possibility of covering with high quality stallions for a very reasonable price.

ANCCE Covering Certificate

All the coverings of our stallions are certified by the ANCCE Covering Certificate

Covering with PRE Andalusian Horses

We send semen to all of Spain through MRW.

What needs to be done to receive semen from one of our stallions ?

Just contact us, choose the stallion that best suits your mare and we will start contacting your veterinarian to agree on the date of shipment.

What does the price of the coverage include?

– Semen and extraction up to a maximum of 3 shipments.

– Covering Certificate

Does not include:

  • Shipping costs
  • Veterinary expenses of ultrasound and insemination.