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Spanish Horse by Yeguada Dimoba

In Yeguada Dimoba we breed Spanish Horse for more than 30 years.

Our farm is located in Santa Fe de Mondujar, Almería. In eastern Andalusia, in the province with more daylight hours in Europe.

We have Stallions, Mares and young foals and fillies of all ages.

On our website you can see videos and photos of all our horses and mares, we try to have it updated so you can see the evolution of the foals.

Pure Andalusian for Dressage

We breed horses from the best bloodlines of horses of Pura Raza Española, trying to adapt them to the needs of our clients, who allocate them to morphological competitions, dressage, hitching and ride.

The origins of our horses come from Yeguada Escalera, Yeguada Militar and Martinez Boloix.

Trying to take the best of each line we have achieved a type of Spanish Horse that stands out for the great characteristics of the breed, Nobility, Beauty and Functionality.

Spanish Horse

We look for balanced PRE horses, combining breeding, with a very good physique and an exceptional character, with the nobility and delivery of the Spanish Horse.

The Andalusian Horse is undoubtedly the easiest horse to train, for its character and dedication. We ride and hook all our animals, including mares.

Normally the mares are usually used exclusively to breed in the field, but in our case we work with them in the saddle and the hitch.

The horses work five days a week, on the saddle, hitch or rope, so that they are fit and allows us to assess their movements.

Vaquera Dressage

Some of our clients use our horses and some mares for Doma Vaquera, a type of dressage that requires great physical skills and delivery to work.

The ease of the Spanish horse is its physical and mental strength, which allows it to adapt to virtually any equestrian discipline.

Dressage, Vaquera, Carriage Driving or Spanish High School (Alta Escuela) are equestrian sports activities that do not represent difficulty for Spanish horses.

The Best PRE

Each one has its utility depending on its faculties and aptitudes, not all PRE horses have the same skills.

We try to raise functional horses, with a good heart and a lot of nobility.

We recommend visiting our Stud where you can find high quality horses and mares.

We also have colts and fillies of Pure Spanish Breed with a lot of projection and quality.

All are registered in the ANCCE PRE Horses Studbook

Classified Andalusians

In our Horses for Sale section we have stallions, mares, fillies and colts of Contrast Quality.

PRE colts to compete, both in morphological contests and in other equestrian disciplines.

The colts when they reach three years we train them with time, so that they learn the basics and have a good base so that either we, or our clients, can get the most out of them.

PRE fillies are available from weaning to mares with 3 years old with which you can start working, both in breeding and in their dressage. Some of them are already started.

Spanish Horse