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Caballo PRE Bayo - Buckskin Andalusian Stallion

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
16 Years y 8 Months
Ride - Dressage
Coat colour:
1.68 m.
Test passed
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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    Ridden Buckskin Andalusian Stallion

    Gador is a PRE Buckskin Andalusian Stallion, son of Dante V and the mare Cantarera VIII.

    He is currently on our farm in Santa Fe de Mondujar, where he rides five days a week and works on the rope.

    It is also intended to cover mares with excellent results, we have buckskin colts and fillies of high quality.

    He has also given Perlino coats, in this link you can see Panadero, a Young Perlino Andalusian Horse  son of Gador.

    Diluted Coat Spanish Horse

    The origins of Gador come from the best lines of horses of Pura Raza Española.

    In addition, on the part of Dante V its origins are of Viuda de Terry and Yeguada Militar, and on the part of Cantarera VIII, by Yeguada Militar and Bohorquez.

    And within the mother’s origins it is worth noting such recognized and proven horses as Remache and Obcecado, the latter is also a Qualified Stallion.

    Andalusian Horse with Cream Gen

    Possibly it is one of the most balanced Spanish buckskin horses, since it combines a spectacular coat color, with a very good physique and an exceptional character, with the nobility and delivery of the PRE Horse.

    Its level of dressage is basic but it has special ease for work, it is a horse that learns very fast.

    The buckskin coat comes from the “Cream gene” that dilutes the colors brown, black and reddish, in the case of Gador its Genotype is ggEeAACCr.

    PRE Diluted Coat color Horse

    Within the Stallions of Pure Spanish Breed, there are berries in the market, without a doubt, Gador is a very good choice, especially because we have colts and fillies as a result of its excellent qualities as a stallion.

    With Gador we have covered both bay and buckskin mares and in both cases we have had foals and colts with a buckskin and perlino coats.

    Buckskin Stallion for Coverings

    Gador is available to cover mares, both naturally and by sending semen.

    We recommend before deciding on the coverage to see the genetic study of the coat in order to know the possibilities of resulting in a diluted coat.

    The Gador Genetic Study is available for download.

    Gador DM is registered in the ANCCE PRE Horses Studbook

    Buckskin Andalusian Stallion