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PRE Mares for Sale at the Best Price Online

Mares are the basis of any PRE breeder. Having quality mares ensures a very high percentage of success in breeding.

In Yeguada Dimoba we have females for sale from weaning to already proven breeding mares.

The origins are very important and determine the type of horse you want to breed, with baroque lines, with diluted coats and more sport-oriented lines.

PRE Mares Sale

When selecting a mare to buy, it is convenient to be clear about the purpose of the purchase, whether it is for Dressage, for Fun, to Breed, or a combination of the above.

Currently we have very versatile mares, which in the saddle and the carriage are very good and also have the morphological characteristics ideal for breeding with them.

For a long time the mares have been had only to breed without doing any physical activity.

In Yeguada Dimoba, PRE mares are ridden and carriage driving in a habitual way.

This allows us to know their physical faculties and their temperament, qualities that normally transmit them to their young.

Pure Spanish Breeding Mares

The characteristics of the mares that are dedicated to the breeding are not at odds with the sports.

Although large and more bone mares are always looking to be used for breeding.

Our breeding mares are contrasted and of all you can see foals with excellent movements.

The breeding mares are loose in paddocks where they have fresh boils daily and a balanced diet that we change depending on their physical activity.

Buy Sale of Andalusian Mares

In the horse market and especially on the Internet there are numerous pages dedicated to the purchase and sale of PRE mares, with offers that allow you to buy mares at very competitive prices.

We recommend buying PRE mares directly to breeders, since they know the origins perfectly and can advise buyers more objectively.

In the case of buying directly from an individual or intermediary, we recommend knowing the origins of the mare and consulting the breeder.

Because the breeder can give much more information to decide on the purchase.

Buy PRE Mare

Once it is decided that I buy a PRE mare, if it is to breed it is important to have a veterinary certificate that indicates that the mare is suitable for breeding.

Therefore not only from the ANCCE point of view, but also from the veterinary point of view.

Ideally, to be sure that the purchase comes to fruition, in the case of adult mares, it is to be able to see foals both for their morphology and for their movements.

With the advice of the breeder, the veterinary report, the registration of mare suitable as a breeder and the verification that the foals are quality animals, from good bloodlines, the purchase is assured.

Pure Spanish Mares Lot

In the case of breeders who are going to start breeding in a new genealogical line, or fans who want to start breeding, we recommend buying a batch of PRE mares or young fillies.

In order to start breeding by creating your own brand or line of horses, it is convenient to acquire, from the same genetic line, a lot of mares or young foals.

We all started with between three and six mares to start breeding with them.

PRE Mares for Sale in Andalusia

The best selling market for PRE mares is undoubtedly in Andalusia, where the best PRE studs are located and where there is tradition and greater knowledge about the breeding of Spanish horses.

Andalusia concentrates the largest number of PRE mares in Spain and is the market to go for purebred Spanish mares of proven quality.

PRE Mares Videos

In Yeguada Dimoba we make videos of our mares on a regular basis, even when they go with their young, which we publish on this website and on our social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis, as well as on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

It is a transparent way to breed horses in which our clients can see the evolution of our mares, the young they have each year and their dressage skills.

PRE Qualified Mares

As with the horses, the mares can be qualified, which gives them a higher level and a guarantee both in the sale of themselves and their foals.

The qualification courts are very strict and the result is that a qualified mare is a guarantee of quality.

We have qualified two magnificent mares Primavera LV, Qualified mare of our brand and Quieta a mare of Yeguada Escalera that we presented at the time to the Court of Qualified Reproducers and that was qualified with excellent results.

From both qualified mares we have colts and some mares, with a great quality, we have ensured that the stallions are also qualified to increase the quality assurance.

PRE Mares for Championships

Some of our clients are looking for PRE mares for morphological Championships, in this case we have young foals and mares with morphological and functional characteristics that allow us to have very good results in Championships.

Some German and Dutch customers have purchased PRE mares from our stud for this purpose, obtaining excellent results in international competitions.

PRE MaresPRE Mares