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Andalusian Fillies of the best bloodlines

We have andalusian PRE fillies from weaning up to two and a half years, with bay, grey and budskin colors.

The origins of Yeguada Escalera, Yeguada Militar, Martinez Boloix and Bohorquez result in a balanced type of filly, with very good movements, functional and of extraordinary beauty.

Our customers choose our Spanish fillies both to breed with them and to do sports mainly to compete in dressage.

Andalusian Fillies Top Rated

The best way to know if you are breeding the right Spanish fillies is considering the experience of our client.

In our case the fillies that we have sold and that many of them are already competing mares, are what our clients were looking for, animals that keep the necessary balance between beauty, nobility and functionality.

Find videos of our PRE Fillies in Yeguada Dimoba Youtube Channel

PRE Fillies from Andalusia

Andalusia is possibly the best place to buy Spanish fillies.

The highest concentration of morphological competitions and breeders of Spanish horses is in Andalusia.

The best horse farms are located in the 8 provinces of the Andalusian community.

In our case we have a selection of fillies for sale that cover the needs of any client who is interested in buying a high quality Spanish filly.

Sale of PRE Weaned Fillies

Good part of the fillies that we have for sale are weaned.

In our farm we usually wean the colts at 5 months, at which time they are already eating alone, they have already taken all the vitamin provided by breast milk and can feed themselves.

We try to make the weaning as less traumatic as possible, so we try to wean several colts together, so that they are entertained and suffer less separation from the mother.

Buying Spanish Fillies just weaned is a very good option to acquire a high quality animal at a more competitive price.

Andalusian Filly for Sale

In our section Horses for Sale, you can find several fillies of different ages and coat colors, just weaned or with 3 years old ready to start breeding, training or both.


PRE Fillies