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saeta potra pre

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
4 Years y 11 Months
Coat colour:
Test not done

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    Bay PRE Filly Best Bloodlines

    Saeta is a bay PRE filly, born on 06/08/2019 at Yeguada Dimoba.

    It is the daughter of Tenaz, a qualified PRE stallion and of Naranja DM, a Purebred mare.

    In its origins we find examples of renowned horse farms such as Yeguada Escalera and Yeguada Militar.

    Its father Tenaz, is the only Qualified stallion that we have in our stud farm and that has the iron of Gonzalo Valenzuela Ruíz.

    The result of these two specimens with such good genealogical lines has been a functional and noble Purebred bay filly.

    Saeta for Dressage

    Saeta is a filly with the iron of Yeguada Dimoba that at her young age can be appreciated fluid movements characteristic of Dressage.

    Although it is still too early to decide, his future projections for the sport are very positive.

    She is an agile and fast filly. In addition, it is very faithful and easy to hold, so dressage will not be a problem.

    Until the moment of working with her, she lives with the rest of the foals of her age and weaning in paddocks, where they can move easily provided with grass and organic feed.

    The movements of this specimen correspond to those of a Purebred horse, in addition to its chestnut coat, the most common in Spanish horses.

    In our stud farm, functional, beautiful and versatile specimens are bred. Their character is calm and they are exceptional companions.

    We continually update videos and images of Saeta on our website and social networks, so that the user can follow the growth of the animal and its evolution.

    Sale of PRE Colts

    At Yeguada Dimoba we have foals of different ages, all of them Purebred Spanish and registered in the LG PRE ANCCE.

    Weaning foals are the right option for those looking for a Purebred specimen at a very competitive price.

    Currently, the sale of specimens is taking on special importance internationally thanks to the Dressage and Morphological competitions among many others that allow the best of each livestock to be known.

    Saeta is the ideal PRE filly for those who want an animal with all the characteristics of the Spanish horse.

    A future with great expectations is foreseen for this specimen. Keep the necessary balance between nobility, beauty and functionality to compete.

    You can also find young foals of other ages starting in dressage training or those older horses already tamed.