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Semental PRE Capa Negra
Date of birth;
Preparing Cup ANCCE - Dressage
Semental PRE Calificado
Date of birth;
Dressage - Level St. George
Caballo PRE Bayo - Buckskin Andalusian Stallion
Date of birth;
Ride - Dressage

Stallion Horses Best Bloodlines

A fundamental part of breeding Andalusian Horse is the choice of the appropriate stallion horses.

Actually, and seeing the different lines of Andalusian horses that exist, you can find stallions for virtually any equestrian sports discipline with certain guarantees of getting good results.

Obviously the stallion is only a part but it is certainly an important decision that requires seeing the offspring that it has had and assessing, if with the chosen mare it can have the desired product.

PRE for Sale

In the market you can find many stallions for sale. Which farmers and breeding enthusiasts acquire to cover their mares.

In cases where there is a clear breeding line, the purchase of the stallion can represent savings, especially when several mares are going to be covered.

Therefor when it comes to few mares to cover, it is best to look for a stallion and buy coverings, since this allows you to select the most appropriate stallion for each mare and be able to correct in the event that the first foals are not what you were looking for.

Not all Spanish purebred horses have to be good stallions, there are many circumstances that influence the possibility of becoming a stallion that brings good results.

The Best Andalusian Stallion

The Best Stallions are usually horses with a lot of race, of a considerable size and that transmit functionality, nobility and beauty.

In our Stallions Catalog we have three horses of excellent origins and that over the years they have provided us with colts and fillies of great quality that have proven their worth both in morphological competitions and in their equestrian sports activity.

Our Stallion Staff is formed by Great Equine Andalusian Stallions.

Our stallions are covering mares both naturally and through insemination, for more information on how to cover with them you can visit our PRE Stallion Coverings section.

Where you can see Stallion Images and videos, as well as their genealogy, genotype and Genetic Study of the Coats.

Andalusian Breeding Horse

To cover with Andalusian stallions without going to the PRE Stallions Sale market, you can either go to a Stallion Deposit, which is in several provinces of Spain and is a very economical solution.

You can also look for a stallion in a breeder and buy the cover, either with natural riding or insemination.

Spanish Breeding Andalusians

Spanish Horses destined to cover mares are stallions that, being suitable as breeders, can be used to cover mares.

In the case of Qualified Stallions it deals with stallions that, in addition to being Fit as Reproducers, have passed the Court of Qualified Reproducers, proof that once passed it is a higher level that gives a lot of value to the Stallion Horses and their young.

In Yeguada Dimoba we have a Qualified Stallion, Tenaz, a Spanish Gray horse from which you can watch videos, photos and some of their foals.

Stallion Horses