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Yegua PRE Torda - Grey Andalusian Mare

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
8 Years y 3 Months
Coat colour:
1.65 m.
Test not done
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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    Grey Andalusian Mare Escalera Origins

    Panera Dimoba is a young Grey Andalusian Mare with excellent horses and mares in its origins.

    On behalf of Soberbia JLE,  Bay Andalusian Mare Yeguada Escalera branded, has Dominante XVI in his origins that is a “Reproductor Mejorante”.

    In the case of Tenaz, it is a Qualified PRE Stallion with a grey coat color with origins of Hermanos Camacho Benitez, Military Stud and Widow of Terry.

    Tenaz is a stallion with more than 70 offspring until 2019 with excellent results as a stallion and with offspring competing in morphological competitions and dressage.

    All its origins can be seen in the PRE Studbook

    Grey PRE Mares

    Both in our section of Andalusian Mares and PRE Fillies you can find magnificent specimens of foals from weaning to two and a half years, and both adult and young mares of grey coat color.

    You can find recent photos and videos of all our Andalusian Horse

    Our mares are raised in the wild in the field, where they can feed on fresh grass and straw

    In addition, they have organic feed to complement their diet and obtain a balanced diet.

    The result is exceptional mares, with morphological characteristics typical of Purebred Spanish Horses.

    Panera is a noble young mare with a calm character. Its morphology and beauty is impeccable as well as being easy to handle and ride.

    Her movements prove that she is prepared to be an excellent brood mare. The future projections for this mare are very positive.

    The Coat Color in Spanish Horses

    The grey coat color is possibly the most widespread in the Spanish purebred horse. This color tends to clear up with the age of the horse and goes from thrush rolled to white over time.

    Much of the Spanish horses that exist are grey, this does not influence the quality of the animals since there are large winners of such important competitions as Sicab of other coat colors admitted.

    In the case of Panera the grey color comes through Tenaz, a horse that is already completely white with its age.

    In addition to dapple-gray mares, in our stud farm we breed buckskin and bay mares.

    Our stud farm has quality Spanish Purebred fillies and mares, with the right characteristics to participate in morphological competitions and obtain excellent results.

    Our stud farm has quality Spanish purebred fillies and mares, with the right characteristics to participate in morphological competitions and obtain excellent results.

    Grey Andalusian Mare