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Andalusian Colts for Sale Best Rated

We have PRE Andalusian Colts for Sale of the highest quality and of various ages that adapt to the needs of each client.

Colts of gray, bay and buckskin coats, with excellent movements that can be seen in published videos.

We have weaning foals, yearling and foals for two and a half years to start working with them on the rope.

PRE Foals for Sale

We publish the young foals on sale from birth, so that many of them can be seen, photos and videos from before they are weaned. You can find them in Yeguada Dimoba Youtube Channel.

We regularly take pictures and videos so you can see their evolution and in the videos you can see their movements.

If you are interested in any of our colts for sale of pure Spanish breed, just contact us and we will extend all the information you need.

Sale of High Quality PRE Foals

The quality of the mares largely marks that of the foals we breed, with good mares you get great foals.

Our stallions mark their good character and functionality.

The high quality of Andalusian Colts is marked by a strict selection of proven origins.

Best Price Andalusian Colts

When buying a PRE colt it is important to consider what will be its usefulness, whether it is for dressage, for a walk or to breed.

Depending on the purpose for which the colt is bought, one colt or another must be chosen.

For those who want a colt to ride we recommend our colts of more than 2 years, which lacks very little to start working with them and you can start working with them on the rope.

Weaning are a very good choice, for a very reasonable price, in a few years you can have a high quality Andalusian Horse.

For those who want to compete in morphological a good choice with the yearling foals, which are already at hand and can begin to prepare to compete.

Buy PRE yearling in Spain

In Andalusia you can find many Andalusian foals for sale.

In our case, Yeguada Dimoba is in Almería, Andalusia, a magnificent place to breed horses where to take advantage of being in the city of Europe with more hours of Sun per year, something that greatly influences its development and character.

Andalusian ColtsAndalusian Colts