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oliva montada

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
9 Years y 4 Months
Coat colour:
Test not done
Genealogical tree
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    Gray Purebred Spanish Mare

    Oliva is a gray PRE mare that was born in our stud farm in 2015. It is the daughter of Tenaz, a qualified PRE stallion and Primavera LI, a qualified Spanish gray mare.

    In its origins there are specimens of prestigious herds such as Prometido II from Yeguada Escalera.

    On the part of his father Tenaz, horses and mares from Yeguada Militar and Viuda de Terry come from his genealogical line.

    This mix of herds has resulted in a functional, noble, faithful mare with spectacular beauty.

    Dressage gray mare

    Oliva has a very good character, it is a mounted gray mare and very focused when working.

    Its movements are very good, fluid and sporty. This mare is at the right time both to compete with it and to breed.

    Thanks to its morphology, physical characteristics and functionality, it could be dedicated to both.

    At Yeguada Dimoba we breed fillies that meet the requirements of a Purebred Spanish specimen sought by customers.

    In addition, many of our horses currently sold are winners of morphological contests and good mares competing.

    Find specimens of gray, bay or diluted coat on our page, to breed and to play sports mainly to compete in Dressage.

    On the web we update photos and videos of Oliva’s work and training, so our users can see the evolution of the movements of this young filly at different ages.

    Young fillies for sale

    At Yeguada Dimoba we breed horses and mares of different ages. Most of our horses for sale are for weaning, the ideal time to acquire a PRE foal at a competitive price.

    Our weaning foals live free in paddocks with other foals of similar age until it is time to work with them at the age of three.

    The mounted horses such as Oliva, do dressage training several days a week, we make sure they do sports to stay in shape. In addition, we focus your diet on a balanced diet.

    All our specimens are registered in the LG PRE ANCCE, where you can consult their genealogical tree. You will also find all the information about our horses on the web and on social networks.