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Specimen data:

Date of birth;
6 Years y 2 Months
Coat colour:
0 m.
Test not done
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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    Grey Andalusian Mare

    Rectora Dimoba is a mare born in 2018, Andalusian Grey coat color by Mandarina XII, Andalusian Bay Mare and Tenaz,  Qualified PRE Stallion.

    With a genealogy that has prestigious specimens of the best Andalusian horse breeder in the world.

    Yeguada Dimoba has Mandarina XII and Nevado XXXVI.

    Mandarina XII is currently one of the breeding mares in Yeguada Dimoba.

    Gonzalo Valenzuela Ruiz: Tenaz

    Spectacular qualified stallion thrush covering mares.

    Camacho Benitez Brothers: Tymus, Diadema V, Veneri and Barquillera XIX.

    Alfredo Erquicia Guardiola: Briosa XX

    Antonio Lorenzo Rodriguez: Nevada XXII

    Fernando Illescas Mellado: Express

    Military Stud

    Pestillo, Remache, Lechera II, Jeda, Beque, Urbanidad, Ibero, Sereno, Lencera, Tallista and Zenea.

    Yeguada Militar was the first to create a record of Andalusian horses. It was also the first to compete with Spanish horses in the Olympic games.

    Many of the best Andalusian horses come from horses and mares of Yeguada Militar.

    It is the main supplier of horses for the armed forces and public security.

    Escalera Stud

    Yeguada Escalera breeds Andalusian horses and mares in Fuentes de Andalucía, Seville.

    Very renewed horses in morphological and dressage competitions with brown and black coat colors.

    Prometido II, Entendido XX, Prometida III

    Isabel Merello (Terry’s Widow): Hispano IV

    Francisco Fernandez Daza and Fernandez Cordoba: Peruano

    Jose Moreno Lovera: Diadema III

    Vara Muñoz Casillas Brothers: Guapita III

    Benito Mateos – Snowy Artero: Educado III

    Ignacio Bravo Martinez: Italica

    Genealogy available in the ANCCE Studbook

    Grey PRE Mare by Yeguada Militar and Escalera

    In the genealogy of Rectora, specimens from Yeguada Militar and Yeguada Escalera predominate.

    Yeguada Militar is known for supplying horses to the Spanish army, national police and civil guard. They were also the first to attend the Olympic Games with Spanish horses.

    Yeguada Escalera is one of the best Andalusian horse farms in Spain, it has its farm in Seville in Fuentes de Andalucía. Livestock awarded several times both as livestock and individually for their horses and mares.

    The result of the crossing of both lines is a type of balanced horse, very functional and with a special nobility, both at hand and once saddle.

    Gray Coat color Andalusians

    We have foals and colts of grey coat color, bay and buckskin of the best origins, which can be seen, with recent photos and videos in Horses for Sale.

    At Yeguada Dimoba we breed foals and fillies in weaning up to 2 and a half years, age at which they start in dressage work. We also have young specimens already mounted.

    All our horses are Pure Spanish Breed and are registered in the LG PRE ANCCE, where you can find their genealogical tree to better understand their origins.

    The mixture of specimens with prestigious herds has resulted in horses that meet all the requirements of a Thoroughbred.

    Balanced horses and mares, of good character and noble. Foals with visible fluid movements in their first months of life.

    The essence of our stud farm is the quality of our horses, many of them with morphological awards and qualified by ANCCE.

    Grey Andalusian Filly