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turca potra pre baya de dimoba

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
4 Years y 1 Month
Coat colour:
Test not done
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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    Purebred Spanish weaning filly

    Turca is a purebred Spanish buckskin coat filly from Yeguada Dimoba. She is the daughter of Tenaz, a qualified PRE stallion and Gérgal, a purebred mare.

    The buckskin is from its mother Gérgal, who is the daughter of Dante V and Artillera XX.

    In its genealogical line it has origins from Yeguada Militar and Viuda de Terry with horses recognized as Agente of Yeguada Militar.

    Artillera XX has origins from Rebelde VII, an excellent quality horse from Bohorquez’s iron.

    Its father Tenaz, is a purebred Spanish stallion, registered in the Registry of Qualified Reproducers of the LG PRE. In addition to obtaining very good results in morphological competitions.

    Buckskin PRE filly

    Buckskin coat specimens are highly recognized in the equine world. In addition to being animals with exceptional beauty, the color of the diluted coat is very difficult to see.

    The Spanish buckskin horse is characterized by having a dark colored mane, tail and legs, which makes it even more special.

    This is the case of Turca, our buckskin PRE filly. These animals are very agile, fast and resistant, being a point in favor for the sport.

    In addition, they are very docile and faithful making excellent companions. Turca is a PRE filly that with only a few months of life, we can appreciate its fluid movements suitable for Dressage.

    It is a functional, noble and extremely beautiful filly. Loyal and easy to hold, it lives in freedom with other foals with the same age in our stud farm.

    Although we do not start working with the foals until the age of 3 years, the dressage work starts from their birth. We collect them for imprinting, deworming and peeling.

    The future expectations of this filly are very positive. It is time to have a Purebred filly at a very competitive price.

    In Turca’s videos, you can easily observe the sports movements that it performs without even being trained.

    In addition, we continually update them so that we can see their evolution and that our clients can follow their growth.

    Foals for sale at Yeguada Dimoba

    Turca is one of the Purebred Spanish foals for sale that we have at Yeguada Dimoba.

    Our specimens are raised in the wild always provided with fresh grass and organic feed to guarantee an adequate diet and a balanced diet.

    Foals are weaned at around 5 months, we make sure to wean with several foals at the same time so that they do not notice the maternal absence.

    From there they enjoy the stud farm with more young horses until they are old enough to work with them.

    The horses of our stud farm have the best origins in their genealogical tree, the result is animals with a calm, loyal character and easy to handle.

    We breed foals in weaning and of different ages. All of them registered in the LG PRE ANCCE