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PRE Horses for Sale in Andalusia

Yeguada Dimoba is located in Almería, Andalusia, where we have been breeding PRE Horses for more than 30 years for clients looking for a balanced, beautiful type of horse with excellent work skills.

In other hand, Andalusia has a large number of high quality Andalusian Horse Brands, where it is raised to maintain a breed that is characterized by its beauty and nobility.

PRE Horses for Sale Prices

Therefore in the equestrian market you can find Spanish Horses of many prices for sale, depending on several factors:

– Bloodline: The genealogical line to which the horse belongs.

– Dressage Level: Horses with a high level of Dressage, well rated, getting important results in competitions usually have a higher value.

– Age: Very young or very old ones usually have more affordable prices.

When investing in a horse we recommend explaining to the farmer what is the purpose for which it is acquired, depending on it a PRE or other horse will be more suitable.

Horses destined for breeding, PRE Stallions, are horses that transmit a lot with a genetics that brings race and character to their descendants.

The choice of the right stallion is also closely linked to the mares with which it will cross.

Sale of Horses for Morphological championships

In the case of horses destined for Morphological championships, other variables must be taken.

They are horses that from foals are prepared so that they have a correct behavior on the competition track and are trained for this work.

The PRE adult horse tests require ridden for their movement score, so it requires an appropriate level of dressage to be able to perform the test with guarantees.

PRE for Alta Escuela

The dressage of horses in Alta Escuela fits horses with a special character for this discipline. A type of horse that accepts types of riding aids very different from those of other equestrian disciplines.

This type of dressage is possibly the one that best fits the PRE Horse, a horse that by its beauty and nobility triumphs in the Equestrian Shows.

We currently have Spanish Horses from our Yeguada performing in shows, especially in Austria and Germany, with excellent results.

Carriage Driving with Andalusians

PRE Horses may be the easiest horse breed for Carriage Driving. In a few days a Spanish horse is pulling a horse carriage in both single and doble without much difficulty.

In addition the character is fundamental, it helps the horse to quickly work in the carriage without problems

But also its physical characteristics influence and in the case of the Andalusian Horses, its back and its flexibility facilitate the work.

PRE Dressage Horses

The beauty and nobility of the Spanish Horse is not at odds with its magnificent physical capabilities, which allows it to participate in high-level sporting events with excellent results.

In addition for  fans and professionals of Dressage the results of our Olympic riders with PRE horses are undoubtedly an incentive to continue working with horses in this equestrian discipline.

The Dressage, not being an easy discipline, becomes much more comfortable if it is an Andalusian Horse, for its temperament and submission, as well as its abilitys.

Sale of  Gray Andalusians

We have stallions, mares and foals of different coat colors, gray, bay and buckskin.

Although the PRE horse is traditionally associated with the gray coat color, there are high quality Spanish horses of all the coat colors allowed by the breed.

Escalera Bloodlines

Firstly, one of our origins is Yeguada Escalera, the acquisition of weaning colts from Mr. Jose Luis de la Escalera allowed us to breed high quality horses with a very solid base and trajectory.

These are undoubtedly PRE Improving Horses that help to have a high quality PRE Horse Selection.

In addition in the market you can find Cheap Andalusian Horses that do not always meet the expectations of the buyers.

Therefore we recommend adapting the investment to the quality of the horse.

The Best Spanish Horses are those that fit the activity to which they are going to be destined and in this breed we are lucky to have many types of horses.

Moreover, from PRE Baroque Horses that in many cases are used in shows, to horses that They are true athletes and they compete in Olympics games.

All our horses are registered in the PRE Horse Genealogical Book.

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