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Specimen data:

Date of birth;
2 Years y 9 Months
Coat colour:
1.66 m.
Test passed

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2 Years Old Andalusian PRE colt

Quijote LXVI, 2 and a half years of bay coat color.

To begin with, he is Luna’s son, a purebred Spanish mare with a black coat color, with origins Viuda de Terry and Yeguada Militar.

In addition, his father is Gador DM, Buckskin Andalusian Stallion, one of our Stallion Horses.

They both have excellent Andalusian origins of highly contrasted genealogical lines.

2 Year PRE Colts

In this way, Quijote is starting to work on the rope and soon it will begin with the work of dressage so in a few months it will be ridden.

In addition his character is very good, is a noble colt that does not present difficulties for its handling to the rope and in the stable.

At the moment it is still in the paddock with other foals of its age, state in which it is since it was weaned until now that they are collected to begin to work.

PRE Colts for Sale

We have several PRE colts for sale that can be seen in this link, Andalusian Colts, where there are from recently weaned colts to colts such as Quijote, with two and a half years that are at the time to start working with them.

And the colts, with 2 years old,  the age of Quijote are ideals for those who want to tame their horse from the beginning. They are foals treaty in freedom and with personalized treatment.

So they are animals without vices, with which you can begin your dressage process with ease.

2 Years Old Andalusian