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timon3 marzo 2021

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
4 Years
Coat colour:
Test not done

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    Purebred Spanish Foal

    Timon is a PRE colt with a gray coat from Yeguada Dimoba. Son of Mandarina XII and Tenaz, qualified stallion.

    Born on 04/26/2020 and with a genealogy that includes some of the best examples of Purebred Spanish Horse herds at an international level.

    His father, Tenaz, is a Qualified Purebred Spanish Horse registered in the Registry of Qualified Reproducers of the LG PRE.

    For her part, Mandarina XII is a mare with very contrasted origins from Yeguada Escalera and Yeguada Militar.

    Foals in Yeguada Dimoba

    At Yeguada Dimoba, the foals are weaned at around 5 months, at which point they can start to eat alone. It is done with several foals at the same time, so that it is more beneficial for them.

    Weaned foals are the best option for those who are thinking of buying a foal, since you can have a PRE copy at a very affordable price.

    In Timon’s case, it is a PRE colt that from such a young age we can see that he has fluid movements and attitudes suitable for Dressage.

    In addition to the sporting movements that can be observed in his videos and images, so it is the colt for sale with projections for a Classic in the future.

    At such a young age we can see that it is a noble and very functional colt, so expectations about Timón are very positive.

    We periodically update the videos and images of our horses to be able to see their evolution over time and so that our users can follow their growth.

    Currently, Timon is free in our stud farm and enjoys the field until it is time to work with him.

    Colt PRE for sale

    Our specimen Timon is a PRE colt that is for sale in our Stud Farm.

    As it is a foal, its price is very affordable, as well as being the ideal time to care for and start approaching your horse from such a young age.

    At Yeguada Dimoba, dressage begins from the moment of its birth, with the imprinting work and its collection from the field to deworm, peel, trim and keep in hand.

    We keep our specimens as exceptional animals that they are, giving them the best care at each stage of their growth.

    This is the reason why we breed noble, loyal and calm horses. In our stud farm we breed weaning foals and youngsters of different ages.

    All of them Pure Spanish Breed registered in the PRE Horse Genealogical Book.