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Specimen data:

Date of birth;
2 Years y 1 Month
Coat colour:
0 m.
Test not done

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1 year Andalusian PRE Colt

Rayo is a 1 year Andalusian foal with a grey coat, by Tenaz  Qualified PRE Stallion, and Naranja,  Bay PRE Spanish Mare.

And its origins are unbeatable, predominantly Yeguada Militar and Yeguada Escalera in its family tree, it has important horses such as Promise II of Escalera.

In addition, in his genealogy also appears Remache, a horse of Military Yeguada very valued and with which they have covered mares the Best Livestock of Horses for their magnificent results as a stallion.

1 year old Colts for Sale

The 1 year old foals are a good opportunity to buy a quality Spanish Purebred at a very affordable price.

That is why we have several PRE colts of excellent quality that can be seen on our website in Andalusian Colts, with different ages and coats colors.

What to consider when buying a Young PRE?

To begin with, a fundamental part is his genealogy, that the foal has origins of quality horses, in this case Rayo has a family tree with great horses and mares.

And all family trees are available in the PRE Studbook

On the other hand it is important to be able to see the parents and their movements, in our case you can see photos and videos of both.

Finally, the foal is in an appropriate environment and has a treatment that favors its behavior in the future.

In the case of Rayo it is a foal that weaned with 5 months along with other foals to make it easier.

That is why it is in the paddock with other foals of its age and is only collected to peel, trim or deworm it. These works are used so that the colt is at hand.

1 Year Andalusian