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quisquillosa montada de yeguada dimoba

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
7 Years y 1 Month
Coat colour:
1.56 m.
Test not done
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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    Gray Spanish Filly with Great Morphology

    Quisquillosa XCVI is a Gray Spanish Filly by Tenaz Qualified PRE Stallion and of the Bay PRE Spanish Mare, Naranja. This filly is registered with ANCCE.

    Tenaz – Origins Yeguada Ventura Camacho

    Stud that begins to breed dressage horses  in 1972 with excellent results.

    Obtaining prizes as recognized as those of Dafne and Danica, champions of Spain of Movements.

    This stud has its farm for the breeding of horses in the Sierra de Cabra, on 650 hectares where horses and mares develop their physical faculties in a rocky field environment.

    Tenaz has more than 70 offspring registered in ANCCE.

    Naranja – Yeguada Escalera and Yeguada Militar

    Quisquillosa’s mother is a Yeguada Dimoba mare, the result of the union of the Escalera and Yeguada Militar lines.

    Looking for a type of functional mare, with size and beauty.

    Yeguada Escalera is owned by Mr. Jose Luis de la Escalera de la Escalera and breeds magnificent specimens in Fuentes de Andalucía.

    Yeguada Militar, a pioneer in creating a registry of Purebred Spanish Horses and dedicated to breed horses for the Army, Police and Civil Guard is the predominant stud in the origins of PRE horses.

    PRE Spanish Mare Gray Coat Color

    We have young mares like Quisquillosa who are at the perfect time to start breeding and competing with them.

    In the case of this mare it is a specimen that, due to its physical characteristics and functionality, could perfectly devote itself to both.

    At Yeguada Dimoba we take special care and delicacy when selecting a brood mare due to the genetic importance of the dams when it comes to obtaining good results.

    It is scientifically proven, the female chromosome is present to a greater extent than the male, so we carry out genetic studies of both the father and the mother and a careful planning of selection of the offspring.

    The results are exceptional and unique foals, with beauty and functionality visible from the first months of life.

    We register all our horses in the Genealogical Book of the Purebred Spanish Horse, LG PRE ANCCE.

    We recommend visiting our Horse for Sale page to better know our horses, their genealogical lines and herds from which they come.

    Gray Spanish Filly