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potra pura raza baya

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
6 Years y 4 Months
Coat colour:
0 m.
Test no superado
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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    Buckskin PRE Mare by Yeguada Dimoba

    Reina Dimoba is a Buckskin PRE Mare that was born in 2018, by Gador DM, PRE Bayo Horse and Gergal DM, Buckskin Mare from Yeguada Dimoba´s iron.

    On our website and social networks it’s available updated videos and photos of Reina Dimoba, as well as Gador DM and Gergal DM.

    Horse Obcecado Military Stud

    Within the origins of Reina we find the Obcecado, a stud of Yeguada Militar, with the Qualified Player cockade in his family tree.

    The Military Stud is created in 1847, known worldwide for participating in the Olympic Games and for supplying horses to the army and the National Police and Civil Guard.

    Stallion with more than 600 offspring registered in the Studbook.

    Rebelde VII of Bohorquez Ruiz

    On the part of Gergal DM, it has among its origins the horse Rebelde VII of Hros. Mr. Miguel Bohorquez Ruiz, stallion with more than 170 offspring registered in ANCCE and excellent results.

    Historic Jerez breeder, loaded with horses and award-winning mares and international prestige.

    PRE Buckskin Coat Color

    In Yeguada Dimoba we breed purebred Spanish horses with grey, bay and diluted coat colors. We have excellent Colts of the best origins. Mixes with distinguished genealogical lines to get exceptional horses.

    Looking for beautiful, functional and noble horses, and crossing mares and stallions of the best studs in Spain, we have achieved a balanced type of horse.

    On this page videos and photos of all stallions and mares are available, so you can see their movements at different ages and appreciate their evolution.

    On our farm in Santa Fé de Mondújar we have weaning fillies up to two and a half years old, the age at which we start working with them and young mounted fillies of older age.

    Our horses are characterized by their calm character, nobility and beauty. Her elastic and fluid movements offer us a very good future vision for this filly.

    At Yeguada Dimoba we breed horses with the distinctive characteristics of a Purebred Spanish that is appreciated from a very young age. Our specimens have a good morphology and height suitable for competitions.

    All our horses are registered in the Herd Book of the Purebred Spanish Horse (LG PRE ANCCE) and meet the characteristics and requirements of a PRE horse. Fluid and functional movements, beautiful and balanced.

    Check our website for horses for sale of different ages, layers and levels. In this way we adapt to all types of clients to find the specimen they were looking for.

    Buckskin PRE Filly