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Semental PRE Calificado

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
24 Years y 9 Months
Dressage - Level St. George
Coat colour:
1.67 m.
Test passed
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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    Qualified Pure Spanish Stallion

    Tenaz is a Qualified Purebred Spanish Horse Inscribed in the LG PRE Qualified Players Registry.

    Born in 1999, he is a horse that continues to cover pre-breeding mares.

    He is a purebred stallion who has 71 offspring until November 9, 2019.

    This horse is the only stallion we have qualified, it is Gonzalo Valenzuela Ruiz branded.

    Both Dam and Sire are from Hermanos Camacho Benitez.

    Its oldest origins come from horses and mares of Yeguada Militar and Isabel Merello (Terry’s Widow)

    In the paternal origin his father stallion Tymus, from Camacho Benitez mixes the origins Y. Militar and Terry.

    Thanks to these origins Tenaz is a stallion with a spectacular head for work, which transmits Race, Nobility, Beauty and Functionality.

    In addition to being qualified, he has obtained excellent results in Morphological competitions:

    Gold Medals (Equido 2007, Alcab 2005 and Ugijar 2005).
    Silver Medals (Equido 2008, Alcab 2007, Baza 2006 and Antequera 2006).
    Bronze Medals (Concab 2007 and Baza 2007).

    His offspring are already participating in competitions, in the world championship and in other morphological ones giving excellent results in the world of pre.

    We have some offspring of this high quality horse that can be seen on the website of our Stud, in this link: Andalusian Horse

    From a pre-2-year-old filly to a young stallion who is a recommended young player that shows the quality that this horse transmits.

    Undoubtedly, having offspring in which the qualified parent stallion appears in his family tree adds value.

    What is a Qualified PRE Horse?

    It is a horse that having passed the tests that are carried out periodically and organized by ANCCE, has been qualified as suitable by the Court.

    What does a Spanish Stallion need to qualify?

    The court values:

    Functionality in the three airs, walk, trot and gallop.
    Skills / Behavior
    Reproductive characteristics
    Sanitary characteristics

    How do I know if a horse has the qualification?

    Qualified Stallions have a distinct distinctive in their genealogical chart that distinguishes them from the rest.

    In addition ANCCE publishes the list of Qualified Horses, where as of November 9, 2019 there are 1606 horses registered.

    We recommend covering with qualified horses as they are a guarantee of quality and respect for the breed, backed by experts who have scored with rigor.

    Qualified PRE Stallion