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Specimen data:

Date of birth;
8 Years y 1 Month
Coat colour:
1.68 m.
Test not done
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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    Perlino Andalusian Horse

    To begin with, Panadero is a young horse, son of a stallion and a mare with a buckskin coat that has a very good character, both ridden and in the rope work and in his handling in the stable, and with a very large size, 1.68 m.

    It is also a horse that learns very soon and it has been very easy to ride it as a result of its nobility and ease of work.

    Ridden Perlino PRE

    His dressage level is also basic, but it has been tamed with time and what it does very well. He is very still to get on and the three airs execute them easily.

    Its movements are high and elastic, with excellent suspension. These are the characteristics of the purebreed horse.

    In our website and social networks you can find updated videos and photos of Perlino, to know its evolution in Dressage. In the videos you can see his training sessions in our stud farm

    PRE diluted coats

    Certainly in the equestrian market there are many horses with diluted coats color, and quality is increasingly being sought in this type of horses.

    And in this case, Panadero is a horse with a spectacular coat color and is also very good morphologically and moves very well.

    In our stud farm we breed foals and fillies in differents coat color, buckskin coat, bay coat and gray coat. All of them with the characteristics of a thoroughbred horse.

    Perlino PRE for Sale

    And finally, when buying a perlino horse, as in almost all purchases of horses you have to take into account its functionality, character and morphology, to make the right decision, looking for the balance between these variables.

    Therefore, a horse like Panadero, we understand that it covers the balance that a horse needs to meet the needs of its rider.

    In addition, the Genetic Study of the Panadero´s Perlino coat color is available to download, its genotype is ggEeAaCrCrppchchzz.

    All our horses are Pure Spanish Breed and are registered in ANCCE studbook, where you can find their genealogical tree to understand their origins.

    Panadero Caballo Perla 318