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Specimen data:

Date of birth;
3 Years y 2 Months
Coat colour:
1.53 m.
Test not done
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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2 years old Andalusian foal

Quieto XXIII is a 2 year old PRE Colt whose parents are both Yeguada Dimoba branded.

It is a bay foal that only needs 6 months to be a 3-year-old colt (36 months) to start riding.

In its origins it has important horses as Obcedado from Yeguada Militar and has a history of dimoba from three generations ago.

Bay PRE with 2 and a half years colts

It is also a foal breeded on our farm since its birth, it weaned with 5 months and has been in the paddock until a few days ago.

Being the son of a buckskin stallion and mare with, his cape is bay.

At what age do PRE horses begin to ride?

We started working with them at 2 and a half years, which are collected from the field and worked on the rope.

After two and a half years, with almost three years they star to work with the saddle.

At three years old they are usually already assembled and work in the three airs, step, trot and gallop.

We have customers who prefer to do it them directly and that are not ridden, and in other cases that have the basic dressage done.

 PRE 2 year old Colts for Dressage

The dressage begins from the moment of birth with the printing works, ensuring that his memory of the first hours of life will last and be good for them.

Although the foals are in the field periodically they are collected often.