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Sereno Potro Castaño 3

Specimen data:

Date of birth;
3 Years y 11 Months
Coat colour:
Test not done
Genealogical tree
Árbol genealógico

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Sereno is a Bay Andalusian Colt with 3 years and with very good origins, his sire Gador DM, is a PRE Stallion, Buckskin Andalusian Stallion with great results as a stallion.

On the other hand Gergal DM is a Buckskin Andalusian Mare, a magnificent breeding mare.

Morphology: It is a foal with a very good physical conformation, very similar to that of Gador DM and big size. Very respectful with his horse breed.

He is bay coat color even though their parents are both Buckskin.

Character: It is a foal with good character and easy handling, when catching the legs, showering and in the stable.

Functionality: His movements can be seen in the video on this page, it has the mixture between suspension, elasticity and elevation. Candidate to be a good dressage horse.

Buy Bay PRE foal

On this page you can find several Pure Spanish foals for sale, of different coats colors and ages.

Specifically, Sereno is a 3-years-old foal, so it is at the ideal time to leave it loose in the field for a while until it is the age to start working.

On the website of our Stud, you can see several colts and fillies offspring of Gador and Gergal, so that you can see how they evolve and his quality.

We recommend watching the videos of Sereno’s parents, where you can appreciate the quality of their origins and their movements.

Bay PRE Andalusian Colts for Sale

The colts of the age of Sereno are undoubtedly a very good purchase for those who want to buy an afordable Andalusian Horse, at a very reasonable price.

Colts with more than two years and three years tend to have a much higher price and there is very little time left for foals with Sereno’s age to be this age.

The care of the foals since they are born in the stud farm, imprinting and personal handling make them have a magnificent character.

ANCCE inscribed pre andalusian colt

All our horses are ANCCE revised, Asociación Nacional de Caballos de Pura Raza Española.

We sale horses in Europe and United States.

Sereno Potro Castaño 1