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torera potra pre

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Date of birth;
3 Years
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Bay PRE filly

Torera is a bay Purebred Spanish filly born in February 2020. She is the daughter of Tenaz, a PRE qualified stallion from Yeguada and Madrileña, a Spanish mare.

In its origins we find large specimens, it is the granddaughter of the Grand Prix and Qualified Stallion Gumiel, from Yeguada Los Corrales.

From Gumiel we can affirm that he is a highly improving stallion. It is a beautiful bay horse, of magnificent character and of great quality in all three gaits.

The result has been the continuation of a genealogical line with excellent specimens of great and noted references.

Torera, Weaning filly

At Yeguada Dimoba, the care of our foals is essential. At the time of their weaning we do it with several foals at the same time, so that they do not notice the absence of their mother.

Until we began to work with them at the age of two and a half they are free in the field, although since they are born we implement the dressage work at the time of collecting them to deworm, peel and trim.

Torera’s origins are excellent and it shows in his character and behavior. It is a filly with functionality and expectations for the future for Dressage.

In the videos we can see how with less than one year of age Its moves very well, with fluid movements and attitudes typical of a Purebred specimen.

The feelings that this filly transmits are applauded in our stud farm. It will undoubtedly be a good specimen, noble and with beauty that is obvious.

In our stud farm we take care of every detail so that its growth and evolution is exceptional.

We make sure of its correct diet, so that in addition to fresh and grass it is complemented with organic feed for a balanced diet.

Sale of Purebred Spanish horses

At Yeguada Dimoba we breed foals of different ages. You can find specimens in weaning, from one, two and three years old to young horses, all of them registered in the Herd Book of the Purebred Spanish Horse (LG PRE ANCCE).

The age at which to acquire a foal depends on the user. Weaning PRE foals are a good option, since you can have a Purebred specimen at a very affordable price.

In addition, other advantages for which professionals opt for young foals is to be able to hold them in hand and start their approach.

You will also find young specimens already tamed and ready to work and train.

Torera is a PRE filly for sale that is found in our stud farm. It is currently free in the field until the time comes to work with its.